The principal tenet of a Living Well service is that it strives to meet people where they are and do whatever it takes to help them. This means that every journey with Living Well will be unique: built around a person drawing on multiple offers, taking loops and turns as their needs require.

Bearing in mind that the range of offerings within each Living Well service is different and that each individual journey will be different, in this section we provide an example of a person's journey with Living well and identify some key steps along the way in order to provide a more granular picture of user experience.

A Journey

The image below depicts a person's journey with

Living Well in Salford.


Meeting the person

Holding an initial conversation to understand what is going well for them, the current challenges they face, what they would like to achieve and who the important people are to them, to help them achieve it.

Working not just with the individual, but their whole family. This might involve support to strengthen family relationships or create a functioning home. It may also include looking after carers' wellbeing.

Saying Farewell

Working with the
whole family

Journey 2-01.png

Encouraging people to draw on their existing network of support, build new connections, and have fun, through joining community activities and groups. People are also invited to engage in peer support with the opportunity to both give and receive support. 

Developing healthy relationships

Building resilience

Identifying strengths, building self belief and developing positive coping strategies to manage difficult emotions. Supporting people to learn long term strategies to manage their mental health and wellbeing. Getting to the root causes of difficulties and overcoming past traumas through psychological therapies, counselling and
other support. 

Connecting people to practical
support such as health services, benefits, financial support, drug and alcohol therapy, housing support, or other support they need to ensure freedom from stress caused by basic needs not being met. 

Addressing basic needs

Working with the person to think about their desired future and using strategies such as motivational interviewing to identify goals and strategies for achieving them.

Building a positive future

Working with people to access the right medication, manage mental and physical health conditions and keep themselves and others safe.

Fostering Wellbeing


Asking about what could have been better and taking immediate actions.

Informing people they can come back at any time and the door is
always open.

An open door

Moving to Action

Working with people to explore their aspirations, assets and objectives and connecting them to the right support so they can take charge of their lives and lead the lives they want to lead.

Deeper conversation

Filling in “Our Plan” with the person, and those important to them, to unpack their stories, their circumstances and their goals for moving forwards.

Self introduction

People can also introduce themselves


People can be
introduced by another service or person. 

Being introduced



Dads support, Health Visitors


Housing Officers, Unemployment Resource Centre, Advocacy

Community Connectors, Start, Neighbourhood Teams

Key steps along the Living Well journey

The image below draws on the work of the Luton team to set out key steps along a Living Well journey.

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