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Living Well services support working age adults who

Living Well services are designed to be easily accessible and welcoming. They are often targeted at people who fall between the gaps of traditional services.

The clients that Living Well services will support include people:

  • with a diagnosis of mental illness including schizophrenia, personality disorder, ‘emotional dysregulation’, ADHD and autism (70% of service users are already known to the secondary mental health care provider)

  • with poor mental health, but without a diagnosed mental illness

  • who have a history of mental illness, and a history of accessing secondary mental health care, but who have been managed in primary care for a while and are now distressed or agitated and risk slipping into crisis

  • with emerging mental health problems

  • in crisis or at risk of slipping into crisis - may be developing an episode of poor mental health

  • in emotional distress, triggered by difficult life events (such as problems with housing, employment or benefits)

  • who are seeking a clinical diagnosis or medical prescription to help them overcome emotional difficulties and access clinical support (including medication)


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