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How we can help

Innovation Unit has deep experience and skills in supporting places to achieve transformational change that improves outcomes for people with mental health needs so they can lead bigger, better lives.


Places approach us when they want to:

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Create a person-centred, outcomes focused system


Create genuinely collaborative systems
that make best use of all resources (not just financial)

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Transform practice of teams and organisations

to offer person centred,
holistic support


Grow new

that enable organisations to work seamlessly together 


Enable Community
Mental Health Teams

to integrate with
the wider system


Create a
learning system

that can innovate in the interests of people

We are passionate about improving community mental health and we want to work with places who are committed to genuinely improving outcomes for people, and making significant strides in designing a system that achieves this. Below are some different ways that Innovation Unit might be able to help you. 


We are happy to work with integrated care systems, mental health trusts, voluntary and community sector organisations and local authorities to identify how we can help in transforming your mental health system.

Building on community mental health transformation


Growing tightly
bonded groups

of system leaders able to steward the work and support your staff to
achieve change 


Creating shared
culture and practice

in multidisciplinary teams





Integrating Community Mental Health Teams
with a wider network of staff members to provide open access community based support


Creating provider

that allow partners to work seamlessly together

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Growing collaborative spaces

that enable communities
to look after the health of

their local systems


Codifying the model

that you are rolling out



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Creating a person centred outcomes framework

To improve outcomes
for people and staff

We can help you with specific areas of focus or we can build a bespoke offer towards whole system transformation.

Over the last three years, places around the UK have been implementing bold new visions for person centred, holistic, community based care and support to achieve the Community Mental Health Framework that improves outcomes
for people.


We know that work to implement this vision takes time and effort. Many places have started this work, and have achieved great results, but know that there is much more to do to create a whole system that embraces  to a shared, values and ways of working.


Your system might have moved into a new structure but needs further work to grow person centred holistic practice. Or you might have achieved this, but want to go further in your work to offer open access community based support or grow new integrated governance
and leadership.

You might approach us if you want support in:


Creating an
authorising environment

creating and authorising environment for collaboration, learning and development

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Embedding a
learning culture 

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Developing a strong sense of shared team identity and purpose


Improving staff well-being, satisfaction and retention


Creating a transparent
and collaborative
way of working

In our work we prioritise growing local ownership and activating and building upon local expertise. We use a coaching approach to allow teams to build confidence and enhance their own practice and development capabilities. 


We can work with new teams in the process of being created or existing teams that want to improve their practice and culture. We can also help to develop shared practice across multiple teams and organisations.

How we worked with our Living Well UK sites


You can learn about how we supported Edinburgh, Luton, Salford and Tameside & Glossop in the Living Well UK programme (2018-22).

Improving practice

All across England new local multidisciplinary teams are being created to provide person centred offers, blending medical, psychological and social models of mental health support.


Building a strong integrated team that is able to work cohesively can be difficult, since colleagues from the statutory sectors, professionals from the voluntary and community organisations and peer workers are likely to bring different and sometimes opposing experiences, principles and behaviours. Without attention to developing shared culture and practice, we risk re-creating siloed working.


You might approach us if you want support with:​

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