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The Living Well Learning Report

Our national programme with four pioneering places across the UK created a unique opportunity to generate deep insight and learning into the nature and possibility of transformation required for the UK’s mental health systems. 

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Read our love letters

Dear Judd,

"I write this letter to honour the integrity and humanity in your leadership of Salford’s mental health system"

Nick Webb.jpg

Dear Donna,

"I write this letter to you, to honour the love and the care you bring to
Tameside & Glossop"


Dear Katie,

I am writing to you to tell you how impressed I am about the choices you
have made over the past four years that have made an enormous difference to the development of Living Well.


Dear J,

Thank you, for always coming from a place of nurturing and abundance -
as a poet, an expert by experience, a friend and a leader.

Daisy Carter.jpg
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