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Living Well is not the blueprint for a universal service model, but rather a set of principles underpinning a range of offers and a service culture and practice.


Throughout the Living Well UK programme sites engage with Living Well principles and apply a system-informed adoption methodology to collaboratively design a service model that is suited to their user group and objectives.

Early on in the adoption process, Collaboratives in each site identify the Big Outcomes they want their Living Well service to achieve.

These have converged around enabling people to:​​


Have choice and control

over their life and the help they get


Stay well

and live the life they want


Build on strengths

and feel like they are making a meaningful contribution

A Living Well offer 

Living Well's Service Model provides an example of how the Living Well service offer wrap the work of multiple players in the system around the needs of an individual.

Living Well Systems map-02.png

Living Well Systems


Giving people the support they need when they need it

Living Well features-01.png

Living Well Teams


A multi-agency community
facing team

Living Well features-04.png

Living Well Communities


Where people support one another

Living Well features-03.png

Living Well Networks


An interconnected web of support

Living Well features-02.png

Living Well Practice


The way we do things around here

Living Well features-05.png
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